Arty Commissions

Hey hey! I'm flattered that you've taken a liking to my art enough to think of supporting me! Any support counts! ^^
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Check out my prices along with examples of what to expect! Like a certain style or vibe of a past drawing? Tell me and it'll greatly help me cook what you're hungry for ^^
Before coming to me with an order please read my Terms of Service as it holds my guidelines and may answer any questions. Feel free to ask or order afterwards!
(Use desktop/landscape for best experience)
Thanks for showing interest in my work ☆
Updated: Mar 1, 24


Click the boxes below to find prices and examples of what each section offers! I'm also willing to help ya look too, just ask :>


AdoptsAdopt don't shop! Premade characters that you can own and change how you like. Click the example to see my adoption centerVaries
NITW 🔥A character of your choice redesigned in a Night in the Woods like style. Click the example to quick order$20
ChibiMake your guy teeny and squishable$25
Pride PoundShow your pride with your fav animal! Up to 4 flags MAX. Click the example to quick order$30
+Add a Char (max 4)+50%


SketchMessy sketch w/ your choice of line colour (coloured +$5)Head - $8 Half - $12 Full - $18
DumpMultiple sketches of the same character (pay per char count)Three - $12 Four - $18 Five - $24
+Add a Char (max 4)+50%


RegularClean solid lines w/ your choice of line colourHead - $10 Half - $20 Full - $35
LinelessLittle to no lineartHead - $25 Half - $45 Full - $60
+Add a Char (max 4)+50%


BasicBasic lineart with base/minimum coloursHead - $20 Half - $30 Full - $45
DetailedFlats with more attention in details like armor/fur/etc.Head - $25 Half - $35 Full - $50
+Add a Char (max 4)+50%


BlackLarge chunks are blacked-out w/ cell lightingHead - $30 Half - $40 Full - $55
CellCell shading w/ cell/blended lightingHead - $35 Half - $45 Full - $60
RenderedSoftly blended shading & lightingHead - $45 Half - $60 Full - $75
+Add a Char (max 4)+50%


SimpleTransparent, solid colour/abstract, image, or a basic gradientFree
PropsThings chars can interact with (furniture, instruments, etc.)+$5
SettingElements of an area such as mountains/beach/etc.+$10-$20 OUT OF ORDER
SceneExtra detail and attention in to bringing together a full environment+$50 OUT OF ORDER


Icon 🔥Made to fit square or circle format!$20
Dood+Add little doodles around your character (max. As many that’ll fit)+$5
Quick Ref sheet ✨An inked & coloured front, palette, short bio, & a few bonus boxes for notes and sketches$50
Basic Ref sheetA front, palette, short bio, & 2-3 bonus boxes$65
Advanced RefA full front body, palette, short bio, and 4-6 bonus boxes$100


Here you can see some of the commissions I've gotten in the past!


  • DO: Furries, OCs, cartoon/game/comic characters, pets/animals/monsters, gore

  • DON'T: NSFW/fetish, realism, mecha, real characters/people

  • My work is not to be used for NFTs, cryptocurrency, or AI “art” in any way.

  • Full payment (USD with PayPal or Ko-fi) after you have approved the sketch. Ko-if may take payment first.

  • I can deny any commission for any reason.

  • Please give any references you have, including work I’ve done that you really liked and want the vibe of or a stick figure sketch!

  • Certain prices may vary depending on complexity or additions.

  • I will try to add or fix anything that you ask.

  • If you have any questions before or after commissioning, don’t hesitate to ask! I'm happy and willing to help!

  • You're free to ask for more examples than what's provided on this page.

  • You can use your comm as a pfp/banner/header/ etc, just please tag & credit back to me.

  • By paying for your order, you agree to everything listed above.


Below are various places you can find me and more of my art as well as getting a hold of me; like my Kofi where you can pick pre-made orders (or to drop a donation, which I'd be very grateful of 🧡).
Don't be afraid to reach out with questions or anything! DM's can seem intimidating, but I don't bite ^^